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There is a cape in the southeast part of the Mius Peninsula which cuts far into the sea like a rostrum of some gigantic barque. The cape was long ago named Tagan-Rog. The word can have various interpretations. This may be a collocation of tagan (tripod) and rog (cape), or a noticeable cape, or just a fire on a cape made in stormy weather to show the sailors the way back to their native shores.



Tagarog is a port city at the Azov Sea in the south of Russia. It has a rich history which is notable for involvement of our Russian outstanding Emperor Peter the Great.

These days Taganrog occupies a territory of 79.7 thousand sq. km, its population has reached 273 thousand. In the number of industrial enterprises it is one of the leading cities. It has the following industries: motor-car construction, iron industry, marine engineering, metalwork, aeronautical engineering, instrumentation, woodworking, production of building materials, heat energy and electro-thermal equipment, iurniture, garment, food industry. Its industrial giants are the Motor-Works of Taganrog (TagAZ), the Steel Works of Taganrog, the Taganrog Boiler Works named Krasniy Kotelshchik, ООО TAVIA, TAVIA after G.M. Beriev.

The city has two state higher educational establishments (Taganrog Technological Institute of the Southern Federal University and Taganrog State Pedagogical Institute) and five university branches, one non-governmental university, 14 primary and secondary vocational institutions, 35 general education schools, 45 preschool educational establishments.