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The town of Shakhty, the Rostov region, 85-B Pobeda Revolutsii Str., 3rd floor, office 5

Office tel./fax: +7 (8636) 279-161. Mobile phone numbers: +7 (918) 529-09-62, +7 (903) 437-42-26


Trading Agency JBS LLC is a global leader in promotion of Russian products, goods, technologies and services. Among our clients are big logistics companies, wholesale trade centers, huge sales networks, suppliers and simply consumers of Russian raw materials, equipment, electronics, foodstuff and farm products. We tightly work with the partners from Europe, countries of Africa, Asia and Near East.

Skilled and qualifies personnel among whom are managers, lawyers, translators and interpreters allows us perform work professionally and effectively.

Are you seeking any Russian manufacturers and producers? We shall help you.

Do please place your application just filling in the form of feedback. Our specialists will contact you shortly.

Approximate plan for our joint work and cooperation

Step I: before conclusion of contracts or agreements.

1) You contact us via e-mail or using feedback. In your mail you mention the scope of your activities, specifics, description and designation of your products, goods or services with your tasks and goals.  (forward your written Commercial Offer to our Agent).

At this step of our joint work you send us Appointment Letter or Certificate of Authority for representation your products, goods or services. We forward the Agency Agreement defining the interests of both parties for your perusal and then sign it.

2) We research the market here and arrange the list of potential partners, contact them  (as your representatives only after your consultancy and acceptation) directly on your behalf upon your written appointment.

3) Carry on correspondence between you and your potential partner.

In case when your interests and goals coincide we assist you at all the stages of making transaction.

Step II: conclusion of contracts or agreements

1) prepare invitation for obtaining your business visa;

2) book the hotel room under your requirement and desire;

3) meet you and your authorized persons at the air-port and accommodate;

4) take part in business meetings, negotiations according to the previously prepared by our Agent and agreed and accepted by all parties agenda and schedule for business meetings.

While concluding agreements, entering into contracts or transaction, interests of all parties shall coincide, be accepted including our party as Agent  (we act as the third party).

Step III: after conclusion of contract or agreements

1) Coordinate the activities or actions of the parties;

2) Carry on correspondence;

3) make translations of the required documents  (user's manuals, specifications, certificates, references and so on) within the scope of transaction;

4) Legalize our translations  (provide with the notary authentication)

We are open to review or consider your other special commercial offers, proposals or suggestions.

We all can find the best way for realization of our mutual goals and perspectives projects.